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Articulated Diesel Booms
Articulating Boom Lifts with their up-and-over configuration, are the most versatile boom lifts in the JLG product range. Ideal for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles mounted on floors, or for reaching other elevated positions not easily approached by a straight boom lift. All articulating models are driveable at full elevation, subject to satisfactory ground conditions, and some models have narrow chassis widths to help provide access to confined work areas. JLG offers 11 diesel powered articulating boom lift models, ranging from 15.5 m to 47.5 m working height.
JLG 340AJ Series model 340AJ    
Platform height elevated   10.33m    
JLG 450 Series model 450A 450AJ 450AJ New
Platform height elevated   13.72m 13.72m 13.72m
JLG 500 Series model 510AJ  
Platform height elevated   15.81m    
JLG 600 Series model 600A 600AJ 600A / AJ Narrow
Platform height elevated   18.42m 18.46m 18.42m / 18.46m
JLG 800 Series model 800A 800AJ  
Platform height elevated   24.38m 24.38m  
JLG 1250AJP Series model 1250AJP    
Platform height elevated   38.1m    
JLG 1500AJP Series model 1500AJP  
Platform height elevated   46.15m