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Mast & Vertical Lifts & Booms

The JLG Toucan™ mast boom lift is a vertical lift with a difference. Although the lift raises and lowers vertically, it has the added advantage of a turntable that rotates over 340 degrees at the base of the mast for precise positioning and, at the top of the mast, a jib boom that provides the platform with additional up-and-over outreach. All in all, it is one of the most versatile lifts, with a compact body that is extremely manoeuvrable in and out of tight spaces.


JLG’s vertical personnel lifts are the smallest aerial work platforms in the entire range. Provided to meet the needs of applications where space is limited and the floor load is restricted. The lifts are designed to have a minimum footprint area and can be set up quickly so there is little delay for you to start on the task ahead. There are three types of vertical personnel lifts available: push around vertical lifts, self-propelled vertical lifts, and self-propelled stock picker vertical lifts.

JLG Toucan Mast Boom model 800 800DI 861    
Platform height elevated   6.10m 6.20m 6.72m    
JLG Toucan Mast Boom model 910 10E 1210 1310  
Platform height elevated   7.00m 8.10m 10.00m 11.00m  
JLG Toucan Vertical Lifts model Duo Junior 8 Junior 8 Lite  
Platform height elevated   4.00m 6.00m 6.00m  
JLG 1230 Vertical Lift model 1230ES        
Platform height elevated   3.66m        
JLG Stockpicker Series model 10MSP      
Platform height elevated   3.05m        
JLG AM Series model 20AM 25AM 30AM 36AM 41AM
Platform height elevated   6.22m 7.67m 9.09m 11.05m 12.42m
JLG MVL Series model 15MVL 20MVL      
Platform height elevated   4.67m 5.79m