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Telescopic Handlers

JLG telehandlers are truly flexible machines that can perform a wide range of tasks in a variety of applications, often making other single-use machines redundant. Our range offers an unbeatable combination of JLG expertise, proven development and the latest in dependable technology.


A wide choice of attachments is available to extend the flexibility of our telehandlers. Operators in applications as diverse as construction, civil engineering, public works and agriculture will find an effective solution to their needs within our range.

JLG Compact Series model 2505H      
Maximum lifting capacity   2500kg        
Lifting height   5.60m        
JLG 3700PS Series model 3706PS 3707PS    
Maximum lifting capacity   3700kg 3700kg      
Lifting height   6.10m 7.30m      
JLG 4000PS Series model 4014PS 4017PS  
Maximum lifting capacity   4000kg 4000kg      
Lifting height   13.70m 16.70m      
JLG RS Series model 3614RS 4017RS      
Maximum lifting capacity   3600kg 4000kg      
Lifting height   14.0m 17.1m